I've managed to successfully get IPP up and running and we've been
thus far (after a few headaches, but those are now gone, hopefully.)
that's only been on the Windows machines. Now we'd like to offer the
thing to Mac and Unix users. I understand that it will be CUPS
(Common Unix
Printing Services, or something like that) that handles the procedure
only available in Mac OS 10.2, which I'm okay with, but I'm having
problems. Our environment is such that we use accounting software to
for print jobs. Because of this, users need to be authenticated when
use the printer. Since they will be sending secure information, we
using the SSL support, which uses an address of
https://<server>/ipps/<printer>. This has been working great with the

Windows clients, it just authenticates when necessary and things go
through. The Macs that I've been trying to set up will not allow for
HTTPS setting. They either want IPP or HTTP, no SSL ****. I've tried

various different ways to get it working, nothing seems to work for
me. Is
there any way to do this besides using LPR (need authentication) or
going to
the insecure method of IPP?

Thanks in advance,
Russ Oliver
College of Engineering
University of Wyoming