Hi all

Server: NW6.0 SP2
Clients: Windows 2000 SP3 Client 483SP2
PCounter: 5.20d

When submitting a print job to a IPrint printer the job becomes held
with the error "USERNAME@00-10->TestIPP: (1 pages) Not enough print
credit! Job held." on the server console.

However if I print to this printer as a normal NDPS printer accounting

works fine.

The print job "owner name" for print jobs when using iPrint is
"USERNAME@00-10-DC-2C-CC-40" which i can only assume is the MAC
address of the PC that the print job was submitted from - when using

So summing up I can only assume that the print jobs are becoming
paused because of the print job owner names are not being "resolved"
in someway with the NDS.

So how can I resolve this?

Please help!

Stuart Whiting