My situation: I am a system enginer on a small school +/- 500
students. Almost all teachers +/- 70 of them are low skilled users.
Using 2 Netware 6 server and about 200 win98 cleints and some w2k.

I like to setup a system for our theachers so theye can easily ManagePrint Job with imanager.
But can not make shortcuts to the jobs screen for a specific printer.I dont want to let the teacher login to the windows enviroment first,so this leaves me with imanger.

I find it hard to explain to the teachers how to use this tool because

they have to do all of these steps below for getting to the proper
screen for deleting print jobs:

1 click on iexplorer.
2 Connect to the website. (this could be a shortcut)
3 Click on imanager.
4 Login with the proper context.
5 tree name.
6 Click on iprinter managment.
7 Click on imanager printer.
8 Browse to the proper printer wich is ofcoars is not in the root of
the tree so again some screens they have to click on and theye must
have the knowlege where this printer is located in the context.
9 Click on printer
10 Click on jobs

Maybe someone has a good idear for makeing this easyer, i am open to
any sugestion.

Stefan Jippes