We have a few managers in our tree and many of the printer agents have

IPP enabled. They were working before, but they no longer work.
This is how it started:

While adding a printer, it pushed down to the workstation perfectly
However, the print jobs would never leave the workstation. If you did
test page, it would say test page failed to print. I did notice that
you look at the properties of the port on the printer, it appears
corrupt. There are characters and symbols in place of the
ipp://serveretc... So far I've seen this on XP and 2000. I've tested different I-prints clients shipped afer NW6SP1 (1.03) They all have
same effect. I can't figure out what broke this.

I went to the www.digitalairlines.com site for testing purposes and
downloaded the nipp client(1.01) from their site. Their printers add
to the workstation, but when I go and add mine, I receive a Printer
is Invalid - Error 1801 Message. I look at the port information for
printer from digital airlines and it is not corrupt. Test page works fine. Any ideas?