Good Morning,

I am having a problem with NDPS and iPrint.

Running NW 6 sp3 overlay cd.
I can install a NDPS printer fine and it works and prints and
But drivers are wrong. So I installed the iPrint client and tried to
the printer drivers through iManager and it copies them and the says:Winsock error 10061 when attempting to install an iPrint printer.

Did some research on this and I looked at remote manager and port 443
is not
listed under Httpsk or Mod_Tls.

so I unloaded NDPSM and then loaded it back and noticed on the logger
the message:
IppSrvr: failed to Open port 443.

I thought maybe that this is because of the web service so I tried
tid 10068285 (using iPrint with a secondary IP address) and it loads
but I still get the IppSrvr: failed to open port 443.

Any ideas??