I am stymied by the above msg. when distributing iPrint printers to
lab machines. iPrint client 1.10 is included in our current PC image.
In our labs, printers are distributed by a workstation package with an

iPrint policy that runs at user login (the only way they will get
distributed). After laying down the image, at the first login, the
iPrint policy runs and (re)installs the iPrint client. It also leaves

behind the RunOnce reg entry described in TID 10077052.

At the second login, the iPrint policy delivers the printer, and the RunOnce key runs to remove the InstallShield temp files. If this is a

non-admin user logging in (common in our student labs), they get the "Install program as other user" message. This persists until an
admin-user logs in.

Why would the iPrint policy reinstall the iPrint client when the
is already installed in the image? This, of course, means that the
printer only gets distributed at the second user login - not ideal.

I am testing a workstation policy to remove the registry entry and
delete the InstallShield files - it seems to work. Any ideas for a
kludgy workaround?

Anybody have a good method of distributing iPrint printers to (lab)
unattended? I have found that iPrint needs a user logged in to
distribute printers - it won't do it when a PC is at a login prompt.
anybody used iprntcmd.exe for this?

Tony Skalski
Systems Administrator
St. Olaf College 1510 St. Olaf Avenue
Information and Northfield, MN
Instructional Technologies 55057-1097