From looking through the earlier threads I see I am not alone in the
problem; but maybe someone has a line on new information.

Iprint was working perfectly up until we installed sp3 a week ago.
Now we
get the winsock 10110 error when we try to install a printer from the
interface. This is clearly a dns issue.

I noticed that the url for the printer install contains our server
instead of the ip address. I'm not sure if I noticed in the past
the ip address was there or not; but I suspect it was the ip not the
server name.

I found if I add a line in the workstations hosts file mapping the
name to the server's ip, the printer installs without a problem.
this indicates a dns problem; but moreso it brings to my mind the
as to why was the ip in the url changed to the server name all of a

We no longer run our own dns servers, that is what our isp does (and
have some convoluted setup that makes just running a straight dns
locally a difficult task due to the necessity of public verses private

mappings) and to go around making additions to all the hosts files of
workstations is not a viable option.

Therefore, the question remains, how can we get the ip address to
in the url instead of the server name?

I have tried messing with the ipaddress and dnsname switches for the
manager, but this does nothing. Different attempts include:

ndpsm .hs_ndps_manager.complab1.hs.solehi -ipaddress=
ndpsm .hs_ndps_manager.complab1.hs.solehi -ipaddress=
ndpsm .hs_ndps_manager.complab1.hs.solehi -dnsname=hs_complab1_srv

nothing has worked; and it is very frustrating. We cannot build our
images for the new school year and time is running out.

Any help would be much obliged.


Dann S. Washko
Lehigh Valley Linux Users Group
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