We currently have setup a dns alias's (<dns-aliasname>) for accessing

printers (such as staffprinters... However we wich to change the IP
address associated with this alias (to point to a secondary ipaddress)
that it does not use the servers primary ip address.
We have changed the dns entry, then used "add secondary ipaddress",
a hardware virtual host for the new address to ther NetWare Enterpise
server" but we are now unable to access html iprint printer using the

url "http://<dns-aliasname>:631/login/ippdocs/pcontrol.htm" or
using "http://<secondary ipaddress>:631/login/ippdocs/pcontrol.htm".
can only access this using the servers real dns name or the servers
primary ip address. How can we change the server settings to use the
aliasname> for accessing "http://<dns-

We have used the /IPADDRESS and /dnsname switches wirh NDSPM.NLM.
OS= NetWare 6 (SP3) NDS8.7.

Any advice appreciated