Due to a contract restrictions we have locked down our workstation on the
file system and registry, while migrating user accounts to "User" access
versus Power Users or Administrators. Additionally we have disallowed
Users from installing drivers.

To allow users installation of printers, we have gone to iPrint with great
success. However, now that we have restricted the file system and registry
so much, some applications have needed to be run as Secure or Unsecure
system user. Most of the application changes are for installations and not
launches, with the exception of Internet Explorer. To allow for proper
installation of Controls and Plugins, we had to elevate the privileges.
The problem we are experiencing now this that after a printer is
installed, upon running Internet Explorer and selecting to print, the
following error appears, "Before you can print, you need to install a

We understand why the System level, workstation object, does not have
rights to the users network file system, however user access to all
printers has been granted at the Org level, thus including all imported
workstation objects. Why would the workstation not be able to see any
printers installed? Is this due to the printer being added only as as user
printer, iprint.ini set as AllowUserPrinters=1.

If IE was run as Unsecured system and the iprint.ini file were set as
AllowUserPrinters=0, would this allow for the installation of the printer
and make it available to all users including the System?

Dennis Magnuson