I'm having nothing but problems with the HP4P, 4M, and 5P printers. The
6P and 2300DN printers work fine. My network consists of the following.

WindowsXP/SP1 workstations
NDPS Manager 3.01a
HP Gateway 3.0b / I also tried using ther Novell Gateway (didn't help)
HP external and internal Jet Direct card (latest firmware available)

I have tried every print driver I can find from version 1 to version 4.

With version 1 drivers the print job appears to print, the server shows
the job open then close, however nothing prints.

With the more recent drivers Word typically crashes before anything will
print. In some cases if the page does print, it also does a form feed
after every page.

Can anyone suggest a solution or somehitng to try to correct this?