I am still having this issue and our conversion date is closing in.

I am having difficulty with a print driver not downloading via iPrint. If I use NDPS the printer shows up in the Printer folders however the driver does not install and the printer is not operational. If I do a manual install on the printer it works just fine. I can not figure out why the driver can not be loaded via iPrint or NDPS.

When trying to install via the web page we get:

Error Message: Iprint Driver Install - the specified driver .INF key was not found in the section."
Error Group: Iprint Driver Install.
Error Code: -16

The printer driver is the hp Color LaserJet 9500 with either the PCL 5c or PCL 6 driver.

Our server is NW 6.5 SP1

Client Windows XP sp1 with NW client 4.90 SP1

Iprint client 2.02

Does anyone have any ideas, guesses, commentary?