I got NDPS working and I know NDPS is needed on the server end for iPrint to
work, My question is really. Which is better. Which gives me the least
amount of head aches and which puts less over head on the workstations.

I started to look at iPrint and thought what a great idea, people could
print from home. Then I got to thinking, who would really use it? and do I
really want to be blamed for a printer setting off the security alarms. So
in all practical matter I don't plan on opening it to the Internet. That
and the security issues.

iPrint would also be great because I could set up a map give people a web
site and say "Want to install a printer? point and click" with NDPS it
would require me to assigned the printer to the user for the automatic
printer install. Or explain how to use the Add Printer Wizard (many users
don't know what Network and Local mean).

I don't have to worry about legacy apps, every workstation is WinXP
everyone has Office 03 installed. All our other programs are Windows based.

I'm kind or leaning towards iPrint, but how much over head is the NDPS
client services verse the iPrint client?

What thought do those using either of these systems have? Either options is
going to be better then the queue based printing I have now.

Thanks in advanced