I am currently working on setting up iPrint on our cluster servers, so we can use icapture and let everything fail over nicely. We don't want to run iManager on these servers.

I have iPrint running on one of the servers, and when I go to http://servername:631/ipp I am given a list of the printers I have set to be useable with ipp. The problem is I get an error 10061 when I am trying to use it. A quick search of the TID's tells me that this is a hostname issue, and indeed it is. For some reason the page that has been created (default printer map) has a host of ngwnameserver. Since this is a cluster server, and one of the things it is running is a GroupWise post office (that ngwnameserver points to) there is a resource with the ngwnameserver ip that loads on this server.

To get to the question, I am not sure why iPrint is picking up that as the hostname (As that is not what is set in the \sys\etc\hostname file) and I want to know how I can change what hostname that page is pointing to.

Thanks in advance,