We're in the final stages of a long planned migration in my Dept from
Netware 5.0 straight to 6.5SP1. The server's up and the clients (mostly
XP with a few W98s) are configuredm with the 4.9 C32 for XP and 3.4 for
98. We've installed the iPrint client, and given each user access to a
minimum of 3 "public" HP2200s, with the physically nearest one set to be
their default under Windows.

The weird problem we're seeing is that user on the top floor are finding
some - but not all! - their printouts coming out on the ground floor
printer, and ground floor users have to climb to 5th floor for some of
their docs. Some jobs, however, come out on the intended default and
nearest printer...!

No apparent pattern to this, and curiously, one admin user today had a 3
page Word 2k document of which one page printed upstairs, and two pages

We're stumped... and our users are exhausted! I'd be grateful for any
ideas/thoughts forum members have on this one... Already going through
the 6.5 Admin Handbook but nothing has sprung out at me yet!


Colin C