Migrating from a 5.1 SP6 environment to 6.5 SP1.1

Moved printing last Friday evening, it went reasonably smoothly. Some oddball driver errors (NDPS log states no suitable driver available, yet installing via NPMW32 or manually via 'add printer' brings in the driver fine)

main thing now is that I have some older HP printers that just are giving me fits. Worst case is a LJ5si mx. NT machines love it, no problem. Win2k machines however -

- if I use the recc driver, I crash explorer just making a test page
- if I switch from Novell GW to HP GW it will do a test page but will crash printing from Excel.
- if I alter the driver I can get it to not crash excel, but the job does not print correctly (lots of gridlines and no numbers..)

The only thing I have found so far that works reliably is to install it as an iPrinter. I really would prefer the internal LAN folks just have NDPS printers so I can add/remove/update easily. Recreating the entire print environment was reasonably easy bc I was using NDPS before and with a couple clicks I could remove all the old printers and install the new ones with one reboot. That's a pretty nice feature set! I don't see that iPrint allows that, or maybe I am missing something?

Is anyone sucessfully running a 5si mx on NW6.5 SP1.1 with Win2k hosts? Any pointers?

TIA - Joe