Our current desktop environment is Win98 w/NetWare client v3.32/SP2. We
have not installed the NDPS service on the workstations. We are using
iPrint, however.

According to TID 10028007, I should be able to capture an LPT port to an
NDPS printer through the printer's Capture Printer Port button. The TID
doesn't mention the format requred for this method, but it does mention a
format when capturing through a login script. I tried using the format
(.printeragentname.ou.o) in the path, but the capture does not work.

I know that iCapture is available w/XP, but we won't be migrating to that
until the end of the summer.

Does anyone know of a way to make this work, short of creating print queues
to capture to?

Thank you.