I run nw server 5.0 with the latest sp-installed. I'm running windows xp
home, xp pro, windows 98 se. I have tried for days to install a ndps
public access printer and nothing will work. I have 4.9x client installed
on windowsxp have tryed them all nwcleints. Had a non ndps printer
working of a while and it just quit printing. I have done everything I
know. I have read almost all the post on this forum. I thought that
novell was so much easier. I have found out that I fix one problem and it
creates more. I have a lot of computer exp. but not enough for this.
Novell should make answers easier to find. My printer is a panasonic 4420
attached to the server. I can't even see the printer now, and please for
my sake don't send me to some tid file. I have read and read until I'm
sick of reading. This should not be this difficult, but as always any
help will be accepted.