I apologize for posting an issue that has been here before, but I do not see
a resolution for it yet; or I am overlooking the obvious which may also be
true. Server=NW6SP4(was SP3). IPSRVR.NLM version3.00.03 Oct.14, 2003.
Maptool.htm dated 9/2003. The map did not work when the server was SP3
either. I am not aware of any changes made to the server between SP3 and
SP4 in an attempt to make iPrint work.

The issue:
If I go to http://webprint and use the map I cannot install the printers.
They select but I am returned to the map page without the install having
taken place. The mouseover on the printer link shows:
http://webprint/isinstf.htm?ippPrint...talled=Install .
This is the URL that returns the list of printers to install. The install
works from here.When I hover over a printer link in the list the "mouseover"
shows this link for the printer install page: .
IPPERRS.TXT shows a "bad URL" as the error. I have tried creating several
new maps and pathing to the map differently before creation in an attempt to
determine where the portion of the URL prepended by iPrint i.e-Utilizing
DNS name or IP or IP with direcotires, but everytime the resulting map
the same link for the printer with the DNS name which does not work. If I
could simply change that portion of the URL I am sure the map would work. I
am about to reinstall iPrint as I am out of ideas. I would appreciate any
thoughts on this matter.

Thank you for your time and insight.