Running NW6, SP4 and have close to 200 printers. Everything was working
fine for a long time. Only used for LPR Printing from 2 servers. No legacy
queues, no ndps printing. I believe the problem started happening after
adding 3 more LPR only printers. The problem is that at a certain time
everyday, the server will stop accepting LPR jobs. From the clientside, it
simply times out. We upgraded to SP4 due to the thread TID 10088031. That
TID states if many printers are in error condition, it may slow things
down. But applying SP4 will increase the threads from 30 to 300. Well
upgrading to SP4 did not have an impact. Is there a maximum number of LPR
connections that you can have? We can still print via NDPS (non-LPR). We
can access the server from a workstation. If you're looking in remote
manager at the winsock debug level, you'll see lots of WSAConnect errors.
Any thoughts on maximum printers?