I'm pulling my hair out on this one, so any help anyone can suggest would be
greatly appreciated.

A little background:
Server is NW6Sp3
NDPSM is 3.01.01, from Aug 8th, 2003 (CSP9)
This server has 161 printer agents on it.

For the past few days, this server is only able to do its job for a few
hours. The only way I have found that fixes the problem is to reboot the
server. Rebooting the server tends to be an issue in itself.
The symptoms of the problem are:
Trouble installing any printers - We have a custom-built map page -
basically gets you to the Printer Status page and the correct URL (with the
Install Printer link in the top-left) - works great most of the time. When
the server decides to quit on me, what happens is you click on the link that
would send you to the printer's status page, but it pauses for about 60
seconds (normally it's FAST - less than a second.) At some point you will
eventually be thrown into the Printer Status page. When you click on the
Install Printer link, you get one of a few errors, depending on the
temperament of the server - 10060, 1087 are two that I can remember off the
top of my head - however I think it basically is just telling me there is
some sort of disconnect.
Another symptom I have noticed is eventually printing will come to a halt,
too. At this point nothing works as far as iPrint is concerned on this
server. If I try to unload NDPSM, it will unload all the printer agents,
however NDPSM will not finish unloading and CPU 0 spikes to 100%. At this
point, if I still have a console prompt I can try to "Reset server" or down
it - but it hangs when bringing down the SYS volume - Only thing left is to
RIB in (Compaq DL380 G3) and power-cycle the server. When it comes back up
(about 8 minutes because of the high number of PA's) everything works great
for at least an hour... then I start getting calls.

I have installed the latest Java (1.41, Feb 24, 2003) - that has not helped
the problem any.
I have NOT installed SP4, but I really, really want to - the only reason I
have not installed SP4 is because of TID 10089544. I did install SP4 on
another iPrint server - the biggest issue he was giving me was iManager
would perform very poorly after about 24 hours - again a reboot of the
server would fix the problem. Of course, I installed SP4 on that server
before I had heard of TID 10089544.

A this point, since I cannot re-create the issue and I cannot point to a
number or attribute on the server that is obviously wrong or getting out of
whack, I don't know what other info might be helpful.

Thanks again for any help you might be able to provide!

Matt Walkowiak