I'm supporting a site that have made the claim that they cannot upload
drivers to the broker. I checked it out but had no trouble. On further
investigation I have found out that *only* my iManager login will allow
drivers to be uploaded. The other admin's have the same NDS rights and are
collection owners. I have also noticed that my upload only works if I use
the IP address of the iManager server and not its name in the URL.

The other users get a 404 error.

This server containing iManager 2.02 is the NDS server running NW6.5sp1a.
NDPS is running on a Netware 6.5SP1a cluster. There is only one site and no
NDS partitions. The workstation was the latest iPrint installed (2.02?).
Running Win2K prof SP4 fully patched, standard JVM and IE 6.0.


Version: 3.12
GIT/TW/O d++(--)? s:+ a>? C++ !UL P+>+++ L++>++++ E@ W++(--) w(---)
N++(-)@ PE>-- Y+ PGP+++ t++@ 5+ !X R++(*) tv@ b+ DI++(+++) e++(*)
h----(*)@ y++++@

To decode, go to http://tinyurl.com/2sp2p