Does anybody know of the correct syntax to use when using PRINTUI.DLL,
getting the printer settings restored to an IPrint printer? NDPS I've
gotten to work, but for some reason Iprint ports must be awkard.
Ex. This works with NDPS.
rundll32 PRINTUI.DLL,PrintUIEntry /Sr /n\\TREE\PrinterX.NDPS.MyCorp /a
c:\restoreset.bin d u g 2
- I had to take the settings from an NDPS printer AND it had to be the same
printer, but it worked.

Iprint does not use the same syntax - at least it doesn't look the same as

Ex. I have tried with Iprint- but it doesn't work.
rundll32 PRINTUI.DLL,PrintUIEntry /Sr /nipp://Server/ipp/PrinterX /a
c:\restoreset.bin d u g 2

When I try this, I simply get "Operation could not be completed" That's it,
it doesn't say anything about wrong port, printer doesn't exist etc. Just
the above error.

I can use the /Ss parameter, and it appears to work using the same syntax
(without the dug2 of course) it saves the file. However, just when I try to
restore I get the issue above.

Maybe it's wishful thinking trying to get this to work with Iprint, I've not
seen TIDS or articles either way on IPrint. If anyone knows please help, I
may just have to go back to NDPS.