Our server has 2(two) NICs that is connectet to eache network.
First NIC is an internal CE100B-compatible card bound to IP:
with net-mask: This is the Primary NIC(IP)

The other NIC is a 3Com980 bound to IP:
with net-mask:
It's a backlink to another network for backup-connection.

Now i try to share printers trough this link. How can i do it?
If i connect from 10.100.72.x sub-net to, i get the
printerlist, but cannot install printer; "WINSOCK 10060"-error. If try to
add a printer under Start -> Settings from this sub-net, i can browse to
the printer-object, but get an error-msg: "Wrong nettwork-address".

Is it possible to share printers over these two NICs?

Server: 6.5 w/SP1a
Client: 4.9 w/SP1a
IPrint: v03.05.00

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen