NetWare 6.x

How do I capture an inbound hostprint from mainframe (via 3270-emulator),
and route this to a LAN-printer?

We are about to change our ISP and internet connection.
In that context, we must establish a new dedicated firewall-leg
for mainframe traffic (towards IBM). This leg has a /30 mask-bit,
in other words the net hosts only 2 nodes. Therefore any inbound hostprint
can only be NAT'ed from the fw-leg address to one single LAN-address.
Consequently, this LAN address must represent some kind of a printserver.

We use applications running on remote mainframe, via a 3270-emulator.
These applications generate i.e. reports destined to be printed on different
LAN printers.
As described, the mainframe routes these prints to one single IP-address in
our firewall,
and there it is NAT'ed to one single LAN-address - a print server.

Each print order contains a printer-queue name in its header,
is NAT'ed to the print-server, and the print-server resolves the queue-name
to the appropriate printer LAN-address.

To make this work, must I create old-fashion
print-server/printers/printer-queues in NDS?
And make this run parallell with the NDPS environment?
Or is it enough to create the queues only, and add support for these
respectively on the
NDPS printer objects?
Or maybe there's another way of doing this...?