I'll try to make this clear and concise.
I am running NetWare 6sp4. I can not access the site
error Forbidden.
I can find any links in my Apache conf that suggest a port conflict or
in the log files.
But when I try removing the /ipp it Redirects back to
So this pointed me in the direction that httpstk is being used for
IPPSVRV, sure enough it is, because when I restart HTTPSTK from the
Remote Management Portal, it unloads these all the NDPS related NLMs:
like NDPS etc. Interesting enough it unloads timesync as well.
NDPS Manager .S1-MGR1.OTT has been unloaded.
Module NDPSM.NLM unloaded
Module RMANSRVR.NLM unloaded
Module NTFYSRVR.NLM unloaded
Module REGSRVR.NLM unloaded
Module BROKER.NLM unloaded
Module TIMESYNC.NLM unloaded
Module PORTAL.NLM unloaded

I am stumped on how to go about fixing this problem. Should I be looking
at Apache, HTTPSTK or some JAVA app? I am simply trying to set-up public
printing without the NetWare client only the IPP client. Could someone
point me in the proper direction for troubleshooting.