We have problems with several HP Deskjet drivers when installing on
Windows XP with iPrint.

example: HP Business Deskjet 1100, HP Deskjet 6122

The printers are connected to HP printboxes.
Printing from Printer Manager to boxes is pure IP with Novell Gateway.
All stations NT4, Win2000, even Win95 can print using iPrint or NDPS.
Stations Win XP can only install driver locally, print to IP address of
Printer Manager via LPR to Printername (with bytecount enabled), or
directly to printbox IP.

When installing driver with iPrint, when printing, get following error:
(Using latest iPrint client from NW65SP2)

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Erro!
Program: C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe
abnormal program termination
OK (button)

When click on OK, printer window closes.

As we are migrating from NT4 to XP and have quite a lot of HP deskjets,
this is a very unhappy experience.

Any sugestions?