our enviroment
Client WinXpProff SP2, Netware Client 4.9SP2, iprint Client 3.11

We first saw slow reponce in word 200 when opening docs , ad slow responce
when opening the printer properties.
All this only happen if a iprint/ndps printer is the default printer, if you
change the default printer to a local printer, then everything works fine.

After some testing i figured out, that "lost time" was caused by spoolsv it
takes up to 95 % but only on iprint/ndps printers.

so searched through google i found some wiered things saying taking the
spoolsv.exe from longhorn solved the problem or uninstalling SP2 from WIXP
solves the problem.

i don't have the spoolsv.exe from longhohrn ;-) also had no time to
uninstall the SP2 from WINXp to see if that helps.

i want to know if anyone else here is haveing the same problems or better
has a solution how to solve the problem or even have some good tips

best regards
Ufuk Altinkaynak