Hi there!

We're currently moving from NDPS/NW5 to iPrint/NW6...

We're using NetWare 6.0 SP4 (with iPrint NW Post Consolidated SupportPack 10c) and iPrint-Client 3.11.

We've created about 30 Printers, all on medium security Level!

Now, we've got ONE SINGLE Printer which ALWAYS displays a Authentication Dialog (Internet Explorer / iPrint Client) when trying to install.
It doesn't matter if you authenticate or just click "cancel", the printer get installed and ist working!
I've already recreated the printer, but without success. It has the same config like all others but displays this bothering authentication dialog.
For you Info, it's a HP LaserJet 2300DN (Note: we have only ONE of this model, so I cannot say if it depends on the printer model (don't believe in this) or not...)
I also tried to install it NOT over a secure connection (http://ip-address:631/ipp), but with no success...with or without SSL, same result.

Anyone got some Ideas?
Thanks for all hints!