Hello everyone

Is it me, or does iprint cause nothing but issues for admins? I just
updated my netware 6 server with SP5 and at the same time I updated Zfd
4.0.1 SP Ir4a and the problem I'm having is with the iprint policy pushing
out iprint printers to clients. My clients are running iprint version 3.09
(and I have also tried 3.11) and Zen Agent 4.00.1093.40329. My clients just
stop (after the updates) automatically receiving the iprint printer resource
via iprint policy within Zfd. I have checked and double checked the
iprint.ini file within the ippdocs folder and it's the same settings
(according to my documentation). Is there a log I can check to see why my
clients aren't receiving their iprint printers automatically? I can
flawlessly install a iprint printer resource via the web page. Why does
iprint have it in for me? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you
Alex Anderson