hi everybody,

we are in the process of migrating from queue based printing to iprint. so
far i'm not really enjoying the new system.
i wonder whether its possible to give users some info about print jobs
that have been successfully printed. up to now our users received that
info through a pop up window in queue based printig.
now when i start nwadmin, select the printer object and "access control",
select some user, say user "x", and "notification" i can select pop up
notification and specify the appropriate message type. when user "x" has a
print job - everything works as desired. trouble is though, each time
someone else prints on that printer the predefined message pops up with
user "x". i would like to have only the actual job-submitter informed!!!
(no one else!!!)

every bit of advice heavily appreciated!


ndps broker3.0.9
ndps manager3.01i