Recently started implementing ndps/iprint 3.0.5. I have four servers in a
small network, all at different geographical sites. Each server resides in
its own container and each has its own Broker and NDPS Manager.

At all sites I am able to use the maptool to create the custom maps, and
everything works fine: when I click on the printer icon - it installs
iprint client if necessary, then downloads the drivers for the printer, if

One of the sites, however, will not install drivers from custom map, but
never errors out, screen just flashes and goes back to custom map.

The difference between all the sites is the ACCEPTED IPP URLS.
All the "working" sites look like:
ipp://[server IP]/ipp/[printer]

The one that does NOT work:
ipp://[server name.domain]/ipp/[printer]

Long story short - what config file do I change to remove the domain name
and make it the IP? I haven't had to do with the other servers, but with
the problem one it looks like I need to change something manually.