We are in the proces of migrating from a 4.11 network to a 6.5 network and
are expirencing a very strange problem with printing oon the 6.5 network.
If a user selects to print to printer A, the job is more likely to print
on printer C. And there's no rhyme or reason to where it prints. While
this might be good for exercise, it isn't helping productivity!

The new network is NW 6.5 SP2 and is in a different tree from the 4.11
network. The 6.5 network is all IP and the 4.11 is on IPX. The users are
using Win XP pro SP2 and client 4.92. The printers are all HP, 5Si, 2100,
4000, 4020, 4100 and 4101MFP. Each has an internal JetDirect card with
the latest firmware (A0505) and a static IP address. I re-checked the
printer agent info and the printer IP address match correctly and I have
re-verified that the printer IP's are outside of the DHCP range.

Looking for help (and the last print job),


Jim Maher
Programmer-Analyst II
Office of State Aid Road Construction
Mississippi Department of Transportation