I am working in a computer lab environment and we print at a very high
volume (60,000 pages per week). Unfortunatly we do not have the resources
that would be ideal for this printing load. We only have two printers (HP
9000dn) which we have set up in a pool for load balencing. My problem is
that our patrons will sometimes print multiple large jobs that take a few
minutes to print and because it spreads them across both printers all of
the smaller jobs get trapped behind the larger ones and we have chaos from
people waiting for their jobs. I am hoping to set up a filter to redirect
all jobs over a certain size to a seperate queue that prints to a third
printer where the people who have printed long jobs can wait but the
normal jobs continue to the origional printers. I can not find a simple
way to set this up so I was hoping that someone here would have some ideas
or experience that could help me. Thanks in advance.