I have a customer who have a NW51 based NDPS configuration, that has
'evolved' over a number of years and that they're not that keen on any

We are due to be rolling out a new desktop and are considering using a NEW
iPrint (ipp client) based printing backend.

Can anyone comment on coexistence, during the rollout phase (2-3 months)?
What would be the best way to deal with the broker and ndpsm's? (possibly
upgrade the existing broker to NW65SP2 iPrint, leave the 'old' ndpsm running
on the NW51 server and create a new ndpsm for the ipp clients?)
Also, is it possible for a printer to be serviced by 2 different ndpsm's?
(i.e. old ndpsm for the ndps clients and new ndpsm for the ipp based

Any thoughts and suggestions welcome!

Many thanks