Hello everyone,

I have multiple users logging into one workstations that need to capture
LPT2 port and my thinking was to use iprint policy (Zfd 4.0.1 IR5, iPrint
client 3.11) to distribute the capture of LPT2. Here's the problem I'm
running into. When the first user logs in everything goes as plan, but when
I login as another user the user cannot print from an application required
to print from LTP2. I've tried varies different configurations to enable
multiple users to print via iprint on LPT2 using Zfd. My current solution
to the problem involved restarting the computer before the next person on
the same machine logs in. In Zfd, I have two applications, one to clear the
LPT port then followed by remapping the LPT2 to the prescribed printer.
They are both forced run but one is designed to run first (Wait on Force
run) before the other. However like I stated before, if the user logs in
and prints fine, that same person logs out and someone new logs in, it
doesn't print. They have to restart the computer entirely for it to work.
If anyone has a better way to accomplish the mapping of LPT ports to
multiple users on one machine I'm interested.

Thank you
Alex Anderson