We have several specialty printers (a Xerox 3535, an HP 2800CP and ao Oce
TDS600) that require us to use the legacy Printer, Print Server and Print
Queue. They all have special controllers between the network and the
printer. In two cases these are RIP (raster image processor) devices.
One of these RIPs is failing and is drastically underpowered for what we
need it to do. We would like to build a RIP, preferably based on Linux
that would replace the ailing EFI Fiery X2-CP RIP for the HP plotter and
possibly service a future plotter. We are using NW 6.5 as our main NOS.

My questions are these:

Is there a commercial RIP that will do this without costing an arm and a

Are there ways of building this RIP as mentioned above and if so are there
documented ways of doing it so that we can print without a special setup?