Here is my setup:
nw6.5sp2 with nw dynamic dhcp and auto update DNS.
I've setup my printer to receive a dynamic ip address.
I've referenced my printer in iPrint by the host.domain name

Here is my problem:
The printer was created and functions perfectly, until I shut the printer
off and on. The printer receives a new ip address from dhcp and dns is
updated with the changed address.
The print manager on the server fails to reconnect the agent to the
printer with the following error:
LPR Communication Failed; Printer Not Connected
The gateway could not resolve the hostname host.domain. The hostname
may be incorrect or there may be a problem with the sys:etc\hosts file or
the sys:etc\resolv.cfg file.

Do I have a problem with my servers dns resolution?
does ndps not use dns to resolve hosts?
something I am unaware of?

Thanks for any assistance.