Good Afternoon,

I have iPrint setup on 7 servers in 7 different buildings. All are working
fine except 1. When you go to the iPrint web page for that building, the
page almost fully loads, however doesn't complete and just below the top
iPrint banner I get an "HTTP error" block. Upon refreshing, I get a 504
Gateway Time out erre form my BM 3.8 server. My IE is set to exclude
internal IPs from the Proxy server.

I've checked my DNS, DHCP, reinstalled iPrint and all the Apache & Tomcat
portions, etc. My iManager says everything is working correctly, i.e.
Broker and Manager. When I try printing from a computer that already has a
printer installed, I get a simple Windows message that says "Failed to

I'm not really sure where to go from here whereas all the other buildings
are working.

Thank you for you insight, Tony