I am trying to push down the driver for the HP Color Laserjet 3500. I
downloaded it from HP's Point & Print list
(http://www.hp.com/pond/pnp/index.html), installed it to the broker
then created a printer agent. I am running on NW 6.5 SP2 with the
latest NIPP (NIPP311.exe) and the post SP2 server files from
iprntnwpcsp11b.exe. However, when I click on the IPP web page to
install the printer on Windows XP SP2, the spooler will crash about 1/2
way through the install. I then get 'iPrint driver Install Unknown
installation error (5). Error Group: iPrint driver install. Error
code: 5.

I have had one or two machines that I could push this driver down to
but the others fail. Has anyone had success with this?