We've got a few wierd and wonderful applications that seem to have issues
depending on which printing system is in use.

For example, our accountancy auditing package ProAudit when installed on
Windows XP will only print to NDPS printers. It hangs on iPrint or
queue-based printers.

Our practice management system, Star PMS - which is based on the Vision
development suite, will print slowly or skip pages when connected to an NDPS
or iPrint printer. The same driver attached to a queue on a 4.10 server
prints fine.

Needless to say, the software vendors aren't interested in Novell support
and only do testing with Windows-shared printers.

Why should there be a problem? Shouldn't the application be blissfully
unaware of how the printer is connected???



PS This happens on a variety of NetWare clients (4.83-4.90) and only
exhibits itself on XP. Win98 is fine.