I have a 6.5.2 server and I just installed imanager and iprint. I am
having issues with using the nwadmin to manage my ndps printers because
it always tells me that my broker and manager is down when it is not. I
have tried all the TIDs I have found and still no luck.

Now that I have iPrint up I noticed that I could add windows XP drivers
instead of only 2000 and 98 drivers. When I try to add them I get the
winsock 10061 error.

I have read all the threads on this forum about this error and have
tried the TIDs. The only thing I have not done is what TID 10072309
tells me to do with HTTPBIND because I am using 6.5 servers, not 5.1.
Also my server is NOT in a cluster.

I also added the

? load nile.nlm
? load httpstk.nlm /SSL /keyfile:"SSL CertificateDNS"

in my autoexec. I made the timer 90 seconds. I changed the
CertificateIP to CertificateDNS like TID 10087534 shows. PKIDIAG comes
back perfect with no errors so SSL should be working fine. Any ideas?