has anyone seen any spoolsv.exe errors with the iPrint client v3.09? the
error i receive is upon login and it says spoolsv.exe has generated errors
on w2k machines. the only way to get the printers back is to do a 'net
start spooler' from the run or cmd line. we are running client 4.9sp1 & sp2
throughout our building. i recently put out the new iPrint client v3.11 and
haven't noticed the errors, yet. the errors were not consistent before --
they didn't happen every time a user logged in.

has anyone else seen this?

i use iPrint policies, but i don't specify where the nipp.exe is, only
printers to be installed and their order. i always let the iPrint client
auto-install itself, if necessary, with the nipp-s.exe version on the