We are running ndps/iprint in a NW65SP2 cluster.
We are trying to make the iprint resource self contained i.e. own invocation
of apache, system files, ndps db, etc.

I have a customised apache2 config that listens only on the cluster resource
secondary ip address and this works fine...
However if I load the iprint apache in a protected memory space i get
"iPrint service is currently not active at this location"... (presumably
because IPPSRVR.NLM is loaded in the OS address space?)
TID 10091193 says NOT to load apache in a protected address space, but if
you don't then you could get conflicts with any other apache2 that is loaded
in the OS address space...
The whole idea is to make the cluster resource self contained and not have
to install iprint on the various cluster nodes, update the iprint maps in
various locations, etc. etc.

Does anyone know of a method to get an iprint apache in protected address
space to work?
I've tried getting NDPSM to load in the same address space, but get 'Error
processing external records'...

Anyone any suggestions?

Regards and thanks