I am having problems creating Printer Agents on one of our NetWare 6.5
servers. When I choose OK after naming the agent selecting the print
manager and gateway in NWadmin it hangs. From that point I can see the
printer in the printer agent list with a status of not bound. There are
no objects in edirectory and if I try to shutdown the printer the ndpsm
hangs. All other services on the server continue operating and the
existing printer agents keep printing.

I have tried recreating the ndpsm database but even this process hangs.

The server is a Dell PowerEdge 2650 with 3 Gb RAM running NetWare 6.5 SP2,
ZfD 4.01ir4a. I don't believe it is hardware related as I have another
server exactly the same which is OK

Any ideas/help appreciated. I have opened a case with Novell however the
best advice I get a an uattended full repair or apply nw65sp3 beta.

Thanks, Adam.