Looking for recommendations on the best way to organize printers in our
tree. We have one Organization object, an OU for each physical site, and
then OUs under the physical site OUs for each department.

My concern is that placing printers in the same container as users (where
other admins have rights to create, delete, rename objects) will create a
problem when I use Role Based Services to grant rights to manage the
printers in the same container as users. This is due to the fact that you
cannot grant an admin rights to delete just printer objects. Either the
admin has rights to delete objects within a scope (container) or they do
not. That means all objects can be deleted - not just printer objects

My thought was to create a dedicated container for printers at each site
and then create a OU beneath the dedicated container for each department.
Then I could grant rights to manage the printers in each OU using RBS.

The design would look like this:

Site 1 OU --
Printers OU
-- Department OU to hold printers only

Does this make sense from a NDS and iPrint design perspective or has
anyone seen a different design?

I want to make it intuitive for both users and admins to locate/manage
printers without unnecessary complexity.

Any ideas are appreciated.