Our system:
Windows 2000 SP4, Terminal Server
Citrix MetaFrame XPe 1.8
Iprint Client version 3.11

We are using the iprint system since almost 1 year without any major
problems, well all have been solved ... . But know we are having some kind
of slowness issue. Let me explain ...
When a user wants to print, he goes to the print menu, where you can
choose for a printer, so he clicks on a printer and then he have to wait
in between 10 & 20 seconds before the printer is selected/ If the user
asked to print to the default printer, the applications (word, lotus
notes, ...) will say that the printer is not ready. If you start a printer
control, you can see that the printer is not yet ready ...
We have this issue since we installed the SP4 on windows 2000

I already installed the same printer via IP, and it works directly. I also
downgraded the iprint client, but it's the same.
I don't think it has something to do with the iprint client itself, most
likely with the SP4, but i'm wondering if someone experienced the same
issue ...

Any help is welcome.