An odd issue surfaced. No known changes occurred.

Running NW 6.5 SP2.
108+ Printers comprising of HP2300/4300/8100 printers using HPGateway and
SNMP Gateway. This issue appears on printers from both gateways.

Jobs on various printers will begin to be in the queue in as "Job Held"
status. The first job is not visible in the manager but is visible in
NWAdmin/iManger. A Resume from iManager and or Client does nothing. Most
printers function fine and it is not the same printers each time this
occurs. We "Reinitialize System" and then the issue clears and resume
works. Could be a TCP Stack issue but not sure. Neither the newest tcp or
NDPS patches mention this kind of issue. If it is a tcp stack issue no
other services seem to be affected. There is no firewall between the
printers etc. And again, the job are not seen on the ndps manager screen.

I may have more info from the NDPS debug screen if/when it occurs again.

Version 3.01.10 August 19, 2004
Version 3.01.01 July 29, 2004

Any thoughts would help.