i recently switched our 40 printers over to the Novell gateway from the HP
gateway. i have a lot of problems on windows 2000 machines where users
login and out with spoolsv.exe crashing. i was curiuos if changing the
gateway without re-installing the printers could cause such a thing. or, if
having spaces in the names of the printers is even compatible with the
novell gateway. i see that when the printer agent loads, it uses LPR as the
port and if i remember correctly, LPR doesn't support spaces in the printer

i will try to convert 1 printer back to the HP gateway tonight to see if i
can recreate the error (it'll be easy). if it fixes the error, are there
any drawbacks to using the HP gateway vs. the novell gateway? one drawback
i saw from moving to the novell gateway is the speed that the ndps manager
loads in. it takes a good 2 minutes for all printers to be connected and
sitting at 'Idle', where with the HP gateway, this all happened within 10
seconds. not really a big deal, until you have iprint as a cluster resource
where every second counts to make things failover without the users

Josh Messerschmitt