I have installed NNLS sucessfuly on SLES 9.0 the only issue that I have
encounter are:

1. iPrint maptool.htm does not show the icos, and according to a TID
10091976 that I have found it seems to be a known issue, and in order for me
to fix this problem I have to download the newest version of iPrint server
but the only way that I can get that is using Red Carpet, and that is my
second issue!

2. I have download it RedCarpet 2.4.4 in order for it to work under SLES
9.0 but because red carpet wasn't install along with NNLS it does not
subscribe to the NNLS channels, and according to what I found on the NNLS
install CD (file name rc.conf) it has the host name, key number, and channel
name, but when I try to subscribe to that service
(http://redcarpet.novell.com) it gives me an authentication error, and it I
try to go to that site I have to login but i don't have a user ID or
password, all I have is the key and my e-mail address, but how can I

The ultimate favor is if somebody can send me to my e-mail address
dzamora@silicon-networks.net the file that I'm looking for I will really
aprittiated the file name is novell-iprint-server-5.0.20040422-8.i386.rpm


Diego F. Zamora
Royal P&O Nedlloyd
PC / LAN Team Leader
East Rutherford, NJ