Hi their,

I have to do a job, and don't know how.

Here's the problem:

1 NW 6 Server with a private IP Adress is connection due Firewall to the internet. (NAT)
A Printer in an other location has a public IP Address their. So, I want to connect to the public IP Address by iPrint.

When I create a printer and give the IP Address to the Object, I can see a Errormessage at the NDPS Manager.(Not bound). And at System Console I get an Errer that the PA cannot solve the Name. So I create a DNS Server on my Server behind the Firewall and have created a RR for my Public Printer.

Ping to the Printer on IP or on Name is no Problem.

From my workstation I can tracert my printer also. But not from the Server.

Is it a routing or firewall issue?

Any suggestions?